Friday, June 5, 2015

Gas Main Replacement and Roadway Excavation to be Performed Next Week.

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Nicor Gas installed primary gas main along Debra Lane and Sandy Lane

Work Anticipated This Week:
DiMeo Brothers (Roadway Reconstruction)
·         Removal of existing concrete curb & gutter and driveways
·         Installation of temporary access ramps at driveways.
·         Roadway Excavation
·         Installation of aggregate base course 

Nicor Gas (Gas Main and Service Replacement)
·         Connecting new gas main to existing gas main
·         Installation of gas services.

Without prior notification, Nicor Gas arrived on-site this week to begin installing the new gas main and services along Debra Lane and Sandy Lane. The Village is coordinating with both Nicor Gas and DiMeo Brothers to allow for both contractors to work on-site at the same time. All measure will be taken to allow both contractors to work concurrently; however, there will be specific construction operations that will not allow this to happen. In these instances, we are requesting Nicor Gas to defer to DiMeo Brothers so the roadway can be reconstructed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding as the Village has been working through these coordination issues due to poor communication by Nicor Gas.