Friday, April 3, 2015

Water Main Installation to Continue

Work Completed Last Week:
  • Completed sanitary sewer service replacement, with exception of a few approximately mid-block of Sandy Lane due to utility conflicts.
  • Replaced sanitary sewer manhole at 2519 Debra Lane.
  • Made connection to existing water main at the intersection of Mary Kay Lane and Debra Lane
  • Began installing new water main north along Debra Lane.
Work Anticipated Next Week:
·         Continue, and likely complete, water main replacement along Debra Lane
·         Begin water main replacement along Sandy Lane, starting at Debra Lane moving west

Thank you for all your patience and understanding to those residents who were affected by the water main shut down so the new water main could be connected to the existing water main at the intersections of Mary Kay Lane and Debra Lane.